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In some newspaper articles I have been described as provocative artist
 and in the absence of a better name, is provocative art maybe a good name
for some of my non-commercial art projects.
They have all been exhibited public places that fit the themes.

Installing Trinity Church Copenhagen. 2008

"Freedom of speech"
Installation cemetery Denmark. 2006

Freedom of speech is very much individually.
Maybe other people's free speech not limited by the "Mohammed cartoons",
but my speech was decisive limited!
In the last 9 years I have worked
on art projects dealing with religion / culture and limits on free speech.

"I do not postulate that the art world's most important thing, but it becomes dangerous
if we start restrict our mindset and the right to question things. So we become poorer ......."
From interviews with Lars Andersen Christian newspaper

"The Last Supper"
Sct. Stephen's Church.

A 10 m. painting exhibited in the church of St. Stephen's Church
which is about the Western world starts at the Last Supper, whether it has occurred or not.
Here arises the idea of spreading the Christian message -
 the message that since engulfs the world.
The painting provoked a priest conflict where Copenhagen's bishop ultimately interfered



Sct. Stephen's Church.

A 10 m. painting at St. Stephen's Church tower facing 
Copenhagen Bishop tried to ban the hanging of the picture. Priests away censored part of the picture.


"Return To The Big Story"
A 10 m. long painting exhibited at the Main Library in Copenhagen,
 A painting about living in a locked reality from cradle to grave.



"Death Awareness"
A 20 m. painting exhibited at Kongens Nytorv of the personal death,
but especially on myths of death.


"A Christmas Exhibition"
A Christmas window-display, which symbolizes that Christmas is a Christian anachronism -
a strange mixture of religion, advertising and popular culture.


"The Darvinistiske development of football fan to facist!"